Biological, Life and Medical Science

Biological, Life and Medical Science careers allow someone to be involved in scientific work that will improve human health. Graduate degrees are needed for the most advanced and creative positions in biological sciences.

The field of biological and biomedical sciences encompasses the study of biological chemistry, molecular pharmacology, cancer and cell biology, developmental and regenerative biology, genetics, genomics, microbiology and immunology. If you are interested in pursuing a future in the biological and biomedical sciences, you can explore potential degree, distance learning and career options that may suit your goals.

Degree programs are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate students can expect to take classes in mathematics for biotechnology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, as well as courses that involve hands-on laboratory work or field research. The types of advanced courses in a graduate degree program depend heavily upon a student’s chosen area of focus.


Courses Available


Biological Science 

Biomedical Science 


Environmental Management and Ecology 


Human Geography 

Master of Optometry

Molecular Biology 


Pharmaceutical Science 



Physical Geography 


Sport and Exercise Science 

Sports Business Management 

Sports Coaching 

Sports Development 

Sports Studies 

Sports Studies with Psychology 

Sports Therapy