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inexhaustibly Visual, Creative and Performing Arts are part of the liberal arts. Including areas like theater, music, studio art and graphic design, this field is for those who wish to make a career out of their creativity. Learn more about visual and performing arts below. 

Visual, Creative and Performing Arts programs explore the scholarly and practical study of a wide variety of artistic techniques and styles. Within the visual and performing arts is a range of educational opportunities and potential careers.  

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There’s a range of vocational opportunities for those with training and aptitude in the visual and performing arts. Perhaps unsurprisingly, one’s career options within visual and performing arts are closely tied to one’s educational achievement and aptitudes for a given art. 

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  • 2D Animation and Character for Digital Media    
  • 3D Computer Animation and Modelling    
  • 3D Games Art & Design    
  • Architecture     
  • Audio Recording and Production     
  • Design Crafts (Ceramics and Glass)     
  • Design Crafts (Jewellery)     
  • Design Crafts (Textiles)     
  • Digital Media Design     
  • Fashion and Fashion Business     
  • Fashion Design     
  • Film and Television Production     
  • Fine Art     
  • Graphic Design     
  • Graphic Design Advertising and Branding     
  • Illustration     
  • Interior Architecture and Design     
  • Live Sound and Lighting Technology     
  • Model Design (Character and Creative Effects)     
  • Model Design (Model Effects)     
  • Model Design (Special Effects)     
  • Music and Sound Design Technology     
  • Music Composition and Technology for Film and Games     
  • Music Industry Management     
  • Music Production     
  • Photography     
  • Product and Industrial Design     
  • Songwriting and Music Production     
  • Visual Effects for Film and Television 

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