Do you think it is possible for anyone without university degree have a very prosperous career growth, let say in engineering field?

It can be more challenging for someone without a university degree to have a very prosperous career growth in the field of engineering, as compared to the field of accounting. A university degree in engineering is typically required for many professional engineering positions, and it provides a strong educational foundation in the mathematical and scientific principles that underlie engineering practice.

However, it is not impossible for someone without a university degree to have a successful career in engineering. There are a variety of paths that individuals can take to enter the field, such as vocational training programs or apprenticeships. Additionally, it’s possible to work as a technical specialist, or a technician, in certain subfields such as manufacturing, construction or maintenance.

In these roles, on-the-job training and experience may be more important than formal education, and an individual can work his way up through the ranks over time. Like other fields, getting professional certifications and developing specific skills can also improve one’s chances of getting ahead in the engineering field.

It’s important to note that in most countries, only licensed engineers are allowed to practice engineering and call themselves engineers, which typically requires a degree from an accredited program and passing a licensure exam. While one may work as a engineer without a degree, one may not have the same professional opportunities and recognition as a licensed engineer.